How Much Does A Composite Front Door Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

Cost of composite front door

Getting a new front door installed can be a significant investment, and understanding the factors that influence the cost is crucial for budgeting effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various elements that determine the cost of a composite front door, from materials and styles to labor and additional fees.

Unlocking Composite Front Door Costs: Key Influencing Factors

  1. Quality of the Door:

  • Numerous composite door manufacturers offer varying qualities. Higher quality doors typically come with a higher price tag.
  1. Style:

  • The style of the composite door, whether it’s a standard design or a more customized, intricate option, influences the overall cost.
  1. Colors:

  •  While standard colors may not affect the cost, opting for non-standard or bespoke colors could incur additional charges.
  1. Glazed Panels:

  •   The type of glazing, whether clear or colored, affects the overall cost of the door.
  1. Door Furniture or Accessories:

  • Additional accessories like knockers or letter plates can contribute to a higher overall cost.
  1. Locking Mechanism:

  • The choice of locking systems, with varying security features, impacts the door cost.
  1. Location:

  • Your geographical location can influence the overall cost. Installation in rural areas might incur higher expenses.
  1. Company Choice:

  • The highly competitive market for composite doors means prices can vary between manufacturers. Research and choose a reputable company for a balance of quality and cost.

Supply and Installation Expenses

  1. Labor Costs:

  • Typically around £150 to £250, but for door installation, expect to pay £50 to £120
  1. Supply Costs:

  • Vary widely, ranging from £500 to £2500.
  1. Total Costs:

  • Overall cost estimates fall between £550 to £2620.

Replacing Front Door and Frame Expenses in the UK

New Composite Door Frame:

  • Usually between £100-£130.

DIY vs. Professional Installation:

  • While opting for DIY installation may lower costs, professional installation is recommended for precision and warranty coverage.

Additional Expenses for Composite Door Installation

Minimum Installation Costs:

  • Some installers set a minimum fee, usually part of daily labor costs.

Door Size and Type:

  • Larger or more intricate doors tend to be more expensive.

Materials Used:

  • Different composite doors use varying core materials, impacting costs.

Number of Laborers:

  • Additional laborers may increase costs, but they can also reduce installation time.

Estimating Installation Duration for Composite Doors

Installation Time:

  • Approximately 2 to 5 hours, influenced by location, ease of access, and the number of laborers.

Weather Delays:

  • Weather conditions can impact installation duration.

The Price of Door Removal and Replacement

Removal Costs:

  • Hiring someone for removal can range from £40 to £180.

DIY Removal:

  • Homeowners considering DIY removal should exercise caution and prioritize professional expertise.

Decoding the Premium of Composite Doors over UPVC

Composite doors offer superior strength, security, and energy efficiency compared to UPVC doors. The additional cost is justified by their long-term benefits, including weather resistance and curb appeal.


While the cost of a new composite front door involves various factors, it’s crucial to consider the long-term benefits. The initial investment pays off with durability, energy savings, and enhanced home security. 

Absolutely! The long-term benefits, including enhanced security and energy efficiency, make composite doors a worthwhile investment.

Minor issues like sticky locks or dropped hinges may occur over time, but composite doors generally offer durability and reliability.

The cost varies based on factors like labor, materials, and location. Expect an overall range of £550 to £2620.

While not mandatory, opting for a new frame ensures proper sizing and fitting, contributing to the door's longevity.

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