Full House Refurbishment At North Road Crawley By Complete Carpentry and Maintenance

Complete Carpentry and Maintenance undertook a comprehensive full house refurbishment project to revitalize a dated property into a modern, stylish home. The project encompassed the installation of a new kitchen and roof, a new w/c, one new bathroom, and one shower room. Additionally, the scope of work included upgrading the electrical system with spotlights throughout, installing LVT Karndean flooring with new skirting and plinth blocks, fitting high-quality carpet in remaining areas, replacing three doors, and completing painting and decoration work.

Scope of Work

New Kitchen Installation

Our team installed a brand new kitchen, incorporating contemporary design elements ands high-quality materials to enhance functionality and aesthetics. This involved careful planning to optimize space utilization and meet the client’s specific requirements.

New W/C

The addition of a new w/c by Complete Carpentry and Maintenance was a strategic decision aimed at enhancing convenience and comfort within the home. The new w/c was thoughtfully designed and installed in a practical location, ensuring easy access for all occupants and guests. Complete Carpentry and Maintenance paid meticulous attention to detail during the installation process, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing plumbing system and a flawless finish. The new w/c not only improved the home’s functionality but also added a touch of modern elegance, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

New Bathroom & Shower Room

We transformed the property’s appeal by creating a new bathroom and a separate shower room, offering modern amenities and an enhanced level of comfort. The new bathroom was designed with a focus on functionality, incorporating a spacious layout, a luxurious bathtub, a modern vanity unit, and a high-quality toilet. The separate shower room was equipped with a spacious shower enclosure, a rainfall showerhead, and sleek, easy-to-clean tiling.

During the installation process, Complete Carpentry and Maintenance ensured that all plumbing and electrical work was completed to the highest standards, guaranteeing efficient water usage and safe electrical connections. The company’s meticulous attention to detail was evident in the flawless tiling, grouting, and finishing touches, resulting in a visually appealing and functional space that homeowners would be proud to showcase. The addition of these modern amenities not only improved the property’s value but also catered to the homeowner’s desire for a comfortable and luxurious living environment.

Electrical Work

The project included extensive electrical work, with spotlights installed throughout the house to enhance illumination and create a warm ambiance. Our certified electricians ensured compliance with safety standards and seamlessly integrated the lighting system into the overall design.

Flooring Installation

We supplied and fitted LVT Karndean flooring in selected areas, complemented by new skirting and plinth blocks for a polished finish. Additionally, high-quality carpet was installed in remaining spaces to add comfort and sophistication to the interiors.

Door Fitting

Three new doors were fitted as part of the refurbishment, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our team meticulously installed the doors to ensure smooth operation and seamless integration with the surrounding architecture.

Painting and Decoration

The final touch involved painting and decoration, where attention to detail and precision were paramount. We utilized premium paints and finishes to achieve the desired aesthetic, transforming the interior spaces into inviting and visually appealing areas for the client to enjoy.

New Roof Installation

We added a new roof to the property, implementing a torch-on 3 layer felt system with a 20-year insurance-backed guarantee, ensuring durability and peace of mind for the homeowner.

Client Satisfaction

Throughout the project, we maintained open communication with the client, addressing any concerns promptly and ensuring their vision was realized to perfection. The result was a fully refurbished house that exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and overall design.


Complete Carpentry and Maintenance Ltd successfully executed a full house refurbishment, delivering exceptional results across various aspects of the project. Through meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we transformed the property into a modern and inviting home that reflects our dedication to excellence in every detail.

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